Majority Leader Steny Hoyer Condemns Israel's Incarceration of Palestinian Children

This evening US House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer visited the Diyanet Center of America in Lanham, MD for a town hall meeting.

I attended this meeting to ask Leader Hoyer about his opinion of Israel arresting Palestinian children. Watch my question below and his remarkable answer:

(Video credit: Saqib Ali)

Written transcript below:

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Confronting a Former Israeli Soldier At Towson University

Today, a former Israeli soldier Aaron Oldenberg was scheduled to give a speech at Towson University. The speech was sponsored by the Towson Hillel. Three Freedom2Boycott members decided to attend this event to challenge the propaganda that Mr. Oldenberg was spreading. The soldier's false statements were confronted vigorously before police ejected the questioners. Watch video of the confrontation:

The transcript of this exchange is shown below:

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Senator Chris Van Hollen Gives Major Speech Opposing Anti-BDS Legislation


Today was a momentous day for our right to free speech. Our junior US Senator, Chris Van Hollen went to the floor of the Senate today and gave a 28-minute speech strongly defending the right to boycott Israel based on the First Amendment and condemning anti-BDS laws as "blatantly unconstitutional". He used many of our talking points and even mentioned my lawsuit against Maryland's Governor Larry Hogan.

This speech was particularly consequential for a number of reasons:

  1. Senator Van Hollen is a highly respected foreign policy voice within the Democratic party establishment.
  2. Senator Van Hollen is a Democrat representing Maryland. Maryland is also represented by Democratic Senator Ben Cardin who has taken a lead role in anti-BDS legislation. Such strong dissent coming from Cardin's colleague of the same state and same party is highly unusual.
  3. The speech was given from the floor of the US Senate giving it added heft and gravitas.
  4. In the speech Senator Van Hollen, an avowed opponent of BDS, predicted the continued growth of the BDS movement.

See the full transcript of Senator Van Hollen's speech below and watch it by clicking on the image above.

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Three Montgomery County Leaders Say We Need a "Champion For Israel in Congress"

Please click here to tell these elected leaders that we don't need a "Champion for Israel in Congress".


From left to right: Montgomery County Councilman-Elect Andrew Friedson, Maryland State Senator Cheryl Kagan, Gaithersburg City Councilman Ryan Spiegel


Last week, leading up to election day, now-Congressman-Elect David Trone's campaign publicized the statement below attributed to his "Jewish Community Advisory Board".

As you can see dozens of people supported Mr Trone's candidacy because would "be a Champion for Israel in Congress". Out of the dozens of people on this advisory board, three are Montgomery County elected officials: Montgomery County Councilman-Elect Andrew Friedson, Maryland State Senator Cheryl Kagan and Gaithersburg City Councilman Ryan Spiegel.





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Ben Jealous Vows to Defend Gov Hogan's Anti-BDS Executive Order

Activists with Freedom2Boycott have been tracking all gubernatorial candidates' statements on Governor Larry Hogan's unconstitutional, anti-Palestinian Executive order which bans companies who boycott Israel (or the illegal settlements) from getting contracts with the state of Maryland. Democratic candidate Ben Jealous has clarified his position to Washington Jewish Week stating that "he vows to defend" Governor Hogan's order.This order is very similar to the one that the ACLU  got suspended in Arizona as unconstitutional.

But Mr. Jealous has a plan if the ACLU has a similar success in getting courts to determine that the Maryland version is found unconstitutional. Mr. Jealous is going to "bring leaders in the Jewish community and the Maryland-Israel Development Center together figure out if there's a constitutional way to discourage the BDS movement in Maryland."

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