Three Montgomery County Leaders Say We Need a "Champion For Israel in Congress"

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From left to right: Montgomery County Councilman-Elect Andrew Friedson, Maryland State Senator Cheryl Kagan, Gaithersburg City Councilman Ryan Spiegel


Last week, leading up to election day, now-Congressman-Elect David Trone's campaign publicized the statement below attributed to his "Jewish Community Advisory Board".

As you can see dozens of people supported Mr Trone's candidacy because would "be a Champion for Israel in Congress". Out of the dozens of people on this advisory board, three are Montgomery County elected officials: Montgomery County Councilman-Elect Andrew Friedson, Maryland State Senator Cheryl Kagan and Gaithersburg City Councilman Ryan Spiegel.





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Ben Jealous Vows to Defend Gov Hogan's Anti-BDS Executive Order

Activists with Freedom2Boycott have been tracking all gubernatorial candidates' statements on Governor Larry Hogan's unconstitutional, anti-Palestinian Executive order which bans companies who boycott Israel (or the illegal settlements) from getting contracts with the state of Maryland. Democratic candidate Ben Jealous has clarified his position to Washington Jewish Week stating that "he vows to defend" Governor Hogan's order.This order is very similar to the one that the ACLU  got suspended in Arizona as unconstitutional.

But Mr. Jealous has a plan if the ACLU has a similar success in getting courts to determine that the Maryland version is found unconstitutional. Mr. Jealous is going to "bring leaders in the Jewish community and the Maryland-Israel Development Center together figure out if there's a constitutional way to discourage the BDS movement in Maryland."

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Nancy Floreen Declares Israel "A Leader in the Treatment of Others", Pledges to Visit as First Overseas Trip

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(Video Credit: Susan Kerin)

As part of her campaign for Montgomery County Executive, Nancy Floreen has been talking a lot about Israel lately.

Yes, read that sentence again. It doesn't make much sense why someone running to lead a large county in Maryland would be talking about Israel, but it's one of the absurdities of American politics that when a politician does this it doesn't raise any eyebrows.

Last Monday October 8th, Nancy Floreen attended a candidate forum at a B'nai Tzadek temple in Potomac, MD. She was asked what relationship she wants Montgomery County to have with Israel. In response she said that "Israel stands as sort of a Middle Eastern leader when we are talking about the rights of others". Watch the video above to see this stunningly tone-deaf statement. Here's the transcript:

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Ben Jealous Suggests Larry Hogan's Anti-BDS Executive Order is Unconstitutional

(Video Credit: Tasnuva Khan)

At a candidate forum at the Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring on Sunday October 7th, I asked Ben Jealous -- the Democratic candidate for Governor of Maryland -- if as our next governor he would revoke Governor Larry Hogan's Anti-BDS executive order.

Mr Jealous did not give a firm yes or no, but he indicated quite clearly that he believes the executive order is unconstitutional:

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Congressional Candidates' Quotes about Palestine

Video Courtesy of Harry Appelman

At a May 22nd forum sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) at Temple Har Shalom, candidates for the 6th Congressional District were asked their views on a variety of issues related to Israel-Palestine. Here are some quotes/statements from the event. 

  • Maryland State Senator Roger Manno thinks that the Israeli Settlement issue can be resolved by “popping in a Peugeot plant." (minute 6:40)
  • Andrew Duck said “We derive that right to defend the border of Israel by solving the humanitarian problem in Palestine. You cannot achieve peace if we do not have justice." (minute 2:18) 
  • Maryland State Delegate Aruna Miller thinks Arab-Christians and Palestinians are different people and Arabs in Israel are treated well. (minute 8:44)
  • Maryland State Delegate Aruna Miller said "I absolutely believe that both nations are working together." (minute 10:24)
  • Dr. Nadia Hashimi said "The meat of the matter is injustice....until we address this in a direct way, we are not going to have peace." (minute 12:15)
  • David Trone said that Senator Cardin’s anti-BDS bill "is absolutely necessary... It must move forward?" (minute 13:42)
  • Maryland State Delegate Aruna Miller supports BDS for South Africa but “absolutely opposes” using it for Israel? (minute 8:22) 
  • David Trone said "Israel is one of the most progressive countries if not the most progressive country in the world." (minute 15:47)
  • No one mentioned the word “Occupation.”
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