Congressional Candidates' Quotes about Palestine

Video Courtesy of Harry Appelman

At a May 22nd forum sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) at Temple Har Shalom, candidates for the 6th Congressional District were asked their views on a variety of issues related to Israel-Palestine. Here are some quotes/statements from the event. 

  • Maryland State Senator Roger Manno thinks that the Israeli Settlement issue can be resolved by “popping in a Peugeot plant." (minute 6:40)
  • Andrew Duck said “We derive that right to defend the border of Israel by solving the humanitarian problem in Palestine. You cannot achieve peace if we do not have justice." (minute 2:18) 
  • Maryland State Delegate Aruna Miller thinks Arab-Christians and Palestinians are different people and Arabs in Israel are treated well. (minute 8:44)
  • Maryland State Delegate Aruna Miller said "I absolutely believe that both nations are working together." (minute 10:24)
  • Dr. Nadia Hashimi said "The meat of the matter is injustice....until we address this in a direct way, we are not going to have peace." (minute 12:15)
  • David Trone said that Senator Cardin’s anti-BDS bill "is absolutely necessary... It must move forward?" (minute 13:42)
  • Maryland State Delegate Aruna Miller supports BDS for South Africa but “absolutely opposes” using it for Israel? (minute 8:22) 
  • David Trone said "Israel is one of the most progressive countries if not the most progressive country in the world." (minute 15:47)
  • No one mentioned the word “Occupation.”
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CD6 Candidates Position on Jerusalem Embassy Move

(Video Credit: Ryan Miner)
On the afternoon of Sunday January 21, 2018 six candidates for Congress from Maryland's 6th Congressional District attended a forum at the Sandy Spring Friends School in Sandy Spring, MD.
Members of Freedom2Boycott in MD were there and asked the candidates important questions about American foreign policy.
  1. Do you agree with Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?
  2. Do you support Ben Cardin's Israel Anti-Boycott Act?
You can see a video of their answers to these questions in the video posted above (starting at the 21:37 mark).
Even though this event occurred months ago, we are publishing this again now because it has increased relevance in light of the recent killings in Gaza and the move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
After the flip is a brief summary of the candidates responses:
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Republican Delegate's Misinformation about BDS Publicly Rebutted by Colleague During Floor Debate

This afternoon, during a debate about Net Neutrality on the floor of the Maryland House of Delegates, Delegate Mark Fisher (R-Calvert County) started speaking about the BDS movement.

Unfortunately Fisher's comments about BDS contained obvious misstatements and typical smears that we have come to expect from opponents of BDS. He also smeared Linda Sarsour who is a leading advocate in America for Palestinian human rights.

Shortly after Delegate Fisher spoke, another Delegate, Jimmy Tarlau (D-Prince George's) stood up to rebut his smears. You can listen to the entire episode here:



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Summary of CD-6 Candidates Answer F2B's questionnaire about Israel/Palestine Issues

Recently Freedom2Boycott in Maryland sent a six-question questionnaire to all the candidates running for election in Maryland's 6th Congressional District. The questions had to do with Israel/Palestine-related issues that they are likely to encounter if they are elected to Congress.

Out of all the candidates, only two responded in writing: Dr. Nadia Hashimi (D) and Mr. Kevin Caldwell (L). We thank them for their responses.

Below you can see a quick summary of their responses:

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Krish Vignarajah says she Will Revoke Governor's anti-BDS Executive Order


Tonight Ms. Krish Vignarajah, Democratic candidate for Governor of Maryland, held a campaign meeting at a private office building in Columbia, MD. During the question and answer session, one attendee, Deeba Jafri asked Ms. Vignarajah about Governor Larry Hogan's (R-MD) recent anti-BDS executive order. Deeba asked Ms. Vignarajah if she thought it was unconstitutional and if she would revoke it once elected.



Ms Vignarajah said the Governor's executive order was unconstitutional and said she would revoke it. Additionally, she correctly tied anti-BDS efforts to the Islamophobia that underlies them.


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