Ali vs Hogan Part 11: Frosh Responds to Ali's Latest Motion

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Today Attorney General Brian Frosh responded to my previous filing with a seventeen-page motion opposing it. In his motion, he argues that:

  1. The C certification, on its face and as applied, is constitutional because it only prohibits one form of national-origin discrimination.
  2. The C certification is not void for vagueness.

You can read Frosh's motion below.


Now we wait on the Judge's ruling on the Motion to Dismiss. It might come in a matter of days. Or it might come in a matter of months. We have no clue.

The lockdown caused by the Coronavirus is likely to lengthen the duration we will have to wait for any interim and final decisions in this case.

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Ali vs Hogan Part 10: Ali Files Motion Opposing Frosh & Hogans' Motions To Dismiss

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Today my legal team responded to the Hogan and Frosh's latest Motions to Dismiss. In this motion, we argue that:

  1. I do not need to, and in fact cannot, submit a bid.
  2. The Governor cannot interpret away Section B.
  3. Section C is independently unconstitutional
  4. The Executive Order is unconstitutionally void for vagueness even under the Governor’s interpretation.
  5. My claim is not barred by the 11th amendment to the Constitution
  6. Section B violates the First Amendment.
  7. Section B is void for vagueness.
  8. The Attorney General is a proper defendant.

Our motion is shown below.

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Seven Democratic Candidates for CD7 Vow to Co-Sponsor Bill Conditioning Aid to Israel

CD-7 Candidates at a forum on 1/4/2020


On January 4, 2020 Candidates for Congressional District 7 attended a forum at the Islamic Society of Baltimore. Numerous -- but not all -- candidates attended.

During this forum, the gathered candidates were asked a question about legislation pertaining to the Israel/Palestine conflict: HR2407 Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation. This bill prohibits American funding for the military detention of children in any country, including Israel.

The candidates were asked if they would co-sponsor this bill within their first 30 days in Congress. Most of the candidates -- and all eight of the Democratic candidates present -- said they would. Click here to watch the video. The full transcript is below.

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Our Money Should Not Be Used To Give Israeli Companies Preferential Treatment

Please click here to urge your State Representatives to stop spending your money to give Israeli companies preferential treatment.

Recently, Freedom2Boycott in MD discovered that the Maryland State Government has been giving hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to the Maryland/Israel Development Corporation (MIDC). According to the MIDC's website, it is a corporation "that promotes bi-lateral trade and economic development. It is a public-private partnership of the Maryland Department of Commerce, Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Trade and The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore". For further information about the MIDC, click here.

The MIDC is a company that promotes Israeli -- and only Israeli companies -- doing business in Maryland. The money allocated to the MIDC cannot be used to lure businesses from Taiwan, South Korea, India, Canada or any other country to Maryland. And there is no analogous dedicated funding stream for companies from any other country.

Maryland's government should not be spending taxpayer money to give preferential treatment only to Israeli companies. Please click here to ask your state legislators to redirect this money so that all companies are on an equal footing - regardless of which country they are from.

Ali vs Hogan Part 9: Hogan & Frosh File Motions to Dismiss against Ali's Amended Complaint

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Today Attorney General Brian Frosh & Governor Hogan filed two separate motions to dismiss against my amended complaint. 

Frosh's argument is that based on the 11th Amendment to the US Constitution I, as a private citizen of Maryland don't have the authority to sue him over this matter.

Hogan's arguments are:

  1. I do not satisfy the relaxed standing principle that applies to challenges under the First Amendment.
  2. My claim against the Governor is barred by the 11th Amendment to the US Constitution.
  3. The executive order does not violate the first amendment because it does not restrict protected speech.
  4. The executive order is not unconstitutionally vague.

You can see both of their motions below.

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