Lobby Night Success!

Nearly three dozen Marylanders from across the state participated in our Lobby Night on February 8th. Our message supporting free speech and First Amendment rights was well received by the many representatives and staff we visited. In addition to visiting several Delegates and Senators from both parties, our group was introduced and acknowledged during the House session. Read the details and see the  photos from the Bill of Rights Defense Committee newswire

Lobby Night

Freedom2Boycott in Maryland’s Lobby Night in Annapolis

Monday February 8th 5 - 9 pm


Anti-Palestinian politicians are once again trying to pass laws to harm the non-violent Boycott, Divestment, Sanction (BDS) movement. This time they are trying to blacklist companies that engage in BDS from doing business with the Maryland State Government. We need your help to stop them!

How can you help? Come join us for “F2B Lobby Night” at the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis on Monday February 8th as we urge our Maryland State legislators not to pass any anti-Palestinian legislation. 

  • What? F2B Lobby Night in Annapolis to oppose anti-Palestinian legislation

  • When? 5 - 9 pm on Monday February 8, 2016

  • Where? Lowe House Office Building. 6 Bladen St Annapolis, MD 21401, Room #142

  • What do I need to bring? Just bring yourself. We will provide all the instructions, materials, refreshments, etc!

  • RSVP By clicking here (this will also schedule appointments with your legislators): bit.ly/lobby-night

All of our Lobby Night materials are available on our Take Action section of this site.


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Press Release: House Chairwoman Maggie McIntosh Opposes Anti-BDS Bill

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Jodie-Zisow-McClean, Steering Committee Member

Cell: 410-375-8591

Email: info@freedom2boycott.com


House Appropriations Chairwoman Maggie McIntosh opposes anti-BDS Bill

On December 22, 2015 Chairwoman McIntosh released the following statement:

While I understand the concerns of Delegate Hettleman and others, I strongly believe in freedom of speech and would not support this type of legislation on those grounds. I plan to oppose this legislation should it come to the House floor for debate. Similar legislation aimed at the university system came up several years ago, and I opposed anti-BDS then, too.

This development is highly significant because Delegate McIntosh chairs the House Appropriations Committee. This is the committee through which pension-related bills must pass. Her opposition to this type of legislation makes the task of anti-BDS proponents significantly more difficult.


Anti-BDS Author Inadvertently Makes the Case for BDS


David Bernstein, the President and CEO of Jewish Council For Public Affairs has penned a new article discussing the role of "intersectionality" in the rising popularity of the BDS movement. This is a remarkable article and you should read the whole thing.


But this article is remarkable not for the reason intended by its author. 

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Freedom2Boycott in Maryland Condemns Islamophobic Incident at DC Headquarters of CAIR

For Immediate Release


Contact Alison Glick




Freedom2Boycott in Maryland Coalition Condemns Islamophobic Incident at DC Headquarters of CAIR

December 14, 2015 -- Freedom2Boycott in Maryland strongly condemns the disturbing incident that occurred at the nearby national headquarters of the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR) last week. An envelope containing a threatening message reportedly reading “Die a painful death,” along with an unknown white powder, was received in the office. The office was evacuated and some employees were taken to hospital for evaluation. The FBI is reportedly investigating the incident.

The Freedom2Boycott in Maryland stands with CAIR and all victims of Islamophobia and racism, particularly at this time when fear and anti-Muslim sentiment are being stoked and manipulated for political gain.

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Freedom2Boycott defends the 1st Amendment right to boycott, including the boycott of Israel known as BDS. Click to help! Find an Event


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