Ali vs Hogan Part 1: Saqib Ali Files Lawsuit Against Maryland Governor Hogan for Violating his Civil Rights

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Today, lawyers from the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) filed a civil rights lawsuit against Maryland's Governor Larry Hogan on my behalf.

On October 23 2017, Maryland's Governor issued an executive order requiring that anyone applying to bid on any state contract must certify that they are not boycotting Israel or Israel's illegal settlements.

I am a professional software engineer. I am interested in applying for the following two state contracts:

  • Bid Solicitation #MDD8031042042 from the Maryland Office of the Chief Actuary, requests the creation of software to evaluate life insurance policies
  • Bid Solicitation #MDD2631042358 from the Maryland Department of Aging, requests support for a
    software program related to administering Maryland’s Medicaid services

However, I'm unwilling to promise not to boycott Israel. It's a restriction of my right to free speech which is guaranteed to me by the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Therefore I'm suing the governor for violating my rights and demanding that I get to bid on these contracts without singing the pro-Israel pledge.

You can read the Baltimore Sun article about this lawsuit here.

The lawsuit argues that the Governor's executive order is viewpoint discrimination.  And based on the Supreme Court's ruling in landmark case NAACP vs Claiborne Hardware, politically motivated boycotts were found to enjoy the highest level of free speech protection.


You can read our entire 18-page complaint by clicking below.

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