Ali vs Hogan Part 2: Governor Hogan Files a Motion to Dismiss

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On Monday January 9th 2019, I filed a lawsuit against Maryland's Governor Larry Hogan for violating my civil rights by preventing me from getting a state contract because of my boycott of Israel and Israel's illegal settlements in the West Bank.

Today, Governor Hogan responded with a Motion to Dismiss my case. You can read his motion by clicking below.

The main arguments that Hogan makes in this motion are as follows:

  1. I lack standing to sue because the executive order applies to business entities, not individuals like me.
  2. I lack standing to sue because I have not submitted or been denied a bid or proposal.
  3. I lack standing because I have not voluntarily self-censored my pro-BDS advocacy.
  4. Neither Governor Hogan nor Attorney General Frosh are the proper parties to sue in this case because they don't have a "special relationship" to the enforcement of the executive order.
  5. Restricting boycotts does not violate the First Amendment. And NAACP vs. Claiborne does not control in this case.

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