Ali vs Hogan Part 4: Governor Hogan and Attorney General Frosh file Another Set of Responses on the Motion To Dismiss

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On Monday March 25th 2019, We (me and CAIR's lawyers) responded to Maryland's Governor Larry Hogan Motion To Dismiss against my civil rights lawsuit saying. Today Governor Hogan and Attorney General Brian Frosh both submitted separately their responses to our latest motion. You can click below to read these two motions in full.

The main arguments in these motions are as follows:

  1. My personal boycotts of Israel and Israeli products don't convey to any sole proprietorship I own. Since the executive order doesn't apply to individuals (only companies), then that sole propietorship isn't boycotting Israel and can get a contract.
  2. This is really about my discrimination against those with Israeli national origin. And overturning the executive order is a moot point because my boycott of Israeli products already violates other Maryland anti-discrimination laws/regulations which would disqualify me from receiving any state contract. 
  3. My boycotts of Israeli products has no bearing on applying for a state contract and I can in fact truthfully sign the pro-Israel pledge in good-faith without ceasing my boycott. (Doesn't this contradict point #2?!?)
  4. Consumer Boycotts are not protected free speech and it's clear that discriminating against Israelis is not a First Amendment right.
  5. The Attorney General cannot be sued in this matter because he has no role in enforcing the Governor's executive order and my attempts to show that he is linked to it fail.

All the filings having to do with the Governor's Motion to Dismiss have now been made. The judge will rule on the Motion to Dismiss. We don't know exactly when that would be. It could be in weeks or months. Also the judge could summon lawyers from both sides to make oral arguments before she rules. We just have to wait and see what she decides. I will post an update as soon as I hear any new information!




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