Ali vs Hogan Part 5: Saqib Ali Tells Court About Judge's Favorable Ruling in a Similar Case in Texas

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On April 25th, Bahia Amawi, a Palestinian-American speech pathologist who filed a case very similar to mine in Texas, won a temporary injunction against Texas's anti-BDS law. The judge in that case wrote that Texas' anti-BDS law "threatens ... to suppress unpopular ideas ... and ... manipulate the public debate through coercion rather than persuasion....This the First Amendment does not allow." This is a huge victory for the cause of free speech and it sent major alarm-bells ringing through the anti-BDS community.

Like me, Bahia is being represented in that case pro-bono by CAIR. In fact her lawyers in that case (Gadeir Abbas and Carolyn Homer) are also my lawyers in my case against Larry Hogan. Today these lawyers filed a "Notice of Supplemental Authority" notifying the judge in my case about the Judge's decision in the Texas case and arguing that our judge should take that judge's opinion into account while ruling in my case.

You can see the notice below. And you can also see the 56-page opinion issued by the Texas judge. We are hopeful the developments in Texas will help our case.




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