Ali vs Hogan Part 6: Oral Arguments on Hogan's Motion to Dismiss

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About 1 week ago, lawyers for both sides got a message from Judge Catherine Blake ordering us to appear in her Federal Court Room today August 1 to present oral arguments for/against Governor Hogan's motion to dismiss. So this afternoon, we all made our way up to her federal courtroom in Baltimore's Inner Harbor to present those arguments.

Unfortunately cameras are not allowed inside the courtroom so I can't show you any video of the hearing. But both presented similar arguments as they had already provided in writing. The judge grilled both sides for nearly an hour with sharp questions. You can read articles about this court hearing here:

Afterwards Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and I gave a joint press conference which you can watch here:

Judge Blake did not make a ruling during the hearing. So we now have to await her written ruling on Hogan's motion to dismiss. It may take weeks or months for this ruling to come down. We have no idea when it will arrive. But when it does, I will immediately make a new blog post revealing it.

If Judge Blake grants Hogan's motion to dismiss, then our case will essentially be over. But if she denies the motion to dismiss, then our case will proceed to the next phase: discovery and then eventually a trial.

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