Ali vs Hogan Part 7: Judge Grants Hogan's Motion to Dismiss

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Today Judge Catherine Blake granted Governor Hogan's Motion to Dismiss in my pro-BDS lawsuit. You can read the judge's short ruling by clicking below.

Basically the Judge thinks that our side didn't convincingly argue that I suffered any injury and she thinks the Governor's contractual language is so narrowly crafted that I might not be denied a contract even though I engage in BDS.

This ruling is very disappointing. Of course I disagree with it.

However, there is a silver lining here: Judge Blake dismissed the case "without prejudice" (which means a new lawsuit can be re-filed over this issue). In her written decision the judge clearly revealed strong reservations about the Governor's Executive Order. And she offered a roadmap of arguments that might be used more convincingly in the future against this executive order.

Based on this ruling, and after consultation with attorneys, I have decided to file an amended complaint against Hogan's EO very soon. Our argument will be different this time around and we hope the judge will find it more convincing.

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