Ali vs Hogan Part 9: Hogan & Frosh File Motions to Dismiss against Ali's Amended Complaint

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Today Attorney General Brian Frosh & Governor Hogan filed two separate motions to dismiss against my amended complaint. 

Frosh's argument is that based on the 11th Amendment to the US Constitution I, as a private citizen of Maryland don't have the authority to sue him over this matter.

Hogan's arguments are:

  1. I do not satisfy the relaxed standing principle that applies to challenges under the First Amendment.
  2. My claim against the Governor is barred by the 11th Amendment to the US Constitution.
  3. The executive order does not violate the first amendment because it does not restrict protected speech.
  4. The executive order is not unconstitutionally vague.

You can see both of their motions below.





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