CD6 Candidates Position on Jerusalem Embassy Move

(Video Credit: Ryan Miner)
On the afternoon of Sunday January 21, 2018 six candidates for Congress from Maryland's 6th Congressional District attended a forum at the Sandy Spring Friends School in Sandy Spring, MD.
Members of Freedom2Boycott in MD were there and asked the candidates important questions about American foreign policy.
  1. Do you agree with Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?
  2. Do you support Ben Cardin's Israel Anti-Boycott Act?
You can see a video of their answers to these questions in the video posted above (starting at the 21:37 mark).
Even though this event occurred months ago, we are publishing this again now because it has increased relevance in light of the recent killings in Gaza and the move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
After the flip is a brief summary of the candidates responses:
  • Roger Manno (D):
    1. It's already been the policy of the US that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.
    2. I don't know the details of that legislation. I don't support BDS. But people have the right to boycott as long as it is legal and non-violent
  • Nadia Hashimi (D):
    1. No. Trump is just pushing a hot-button issue.
    2. I would like to read more. However. People should be able boycott whoever they like. But I think sanctions don't generally work to help diplomacy
  • Aruna Miller (D):
    1. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. And if the Congress believes that we should move the embassy, then I support that.
    2. I don't know the details of that bill. But business boycotting an entire nation is discriminatory.
  • Andrew Duck (D):
    1. We should have moved the embassy only as a part of final negotiations with the Palestinians.
    2. I believe in freedom of speech. And you can boycott if you wish.
  • David Trone (D):
    1. Israel determined its capital in Jerusalem. But the timing of the move wasn't good. It should have been worked out with the state department.
    2. BDS is a despicable movement. I'm working with the ACLU and Ben Cardin to get a constitutional anti-BDS bill.
  • Kevin Caldwell (L):
    1. I support the movement of the embassy. I wish it had been used more to negotiate. But I support Palestinians claim to East Jerusalem.
    2. I do not support that bill whatsoever.

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