Come Join us February 6 for our Annapolis Lobby Night

Help us stop the Anti-BDS legislation being introduced in the 2017 Maryland General Assembly. Come join us for “F2B Lobby Night” in Annapolis on Monday February 6th as we urge our Maryland State legislators not to pass any anti-BDS legislation. 

  • When: 4 - 9 pm on Monday February 6, 2017
  • Where: Lowe House Office Building. 6 Bladen St Annapolis, MD 21401, Room #150
  • What do I need to bring? Just bring yourself. We will provide all the instructions, materials, refreshments, etc!

To RSVP: Please email me at with your address (to find your district) and what your availability is.

Remember, our Lobby Night is 4 - 9pm. But if you can only come for part of that time, you are still welcome!


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  • commented 2017-02-02 23:55:19 -0500
    Bravo Robb Hall. Thanks for your good work!

    We hope we will be as successful here in Maryland as you were in Wyoming. Who says one person can’t make a difference?
  • commented 2017-02-02 21:03:12 -0500
    I just lobbied against the same kind of bill introduced into the Wyoming State Legislature. I emailed personal emails to all 54 Representatives including information from various legitimate sources, because legislators only go on the information available. I included information on the conflict, information on bds, information on the attack of the USS Liberty with video, (the one from Al Jazeera), and other sources such as Jewish Voice for Peace. The bill went from committee to the House Floor and then back to the Appropriations committee where I then emailed all the members of the committee with more information of why anti-BDS legislation is itself discriminatory with a comparison of why you can’t equate Zionism with Judaism and when considering the bill, you also have to consider why there is a land, sea, air, and economic blockade, and why Israel is imposing censorship and arresting individuals for social media posts. One cannot be considered without the other. The bill was voted against in committee 6 to 1. Here’s a link to the bill and tell me if it sounds familiar:

    Also, Palestine Legal tracked the bill as well from when it was first introduced and from a Casper Star Tribune newspaper article:

    This is a copy of the last email I sent to the Representatives: (and I’ve sent many and always respectful): In trying to track in which direction a bill goes, I see that the HB179 anti-BDS bill has gone back to the Appropriations Committee of which you are all on this committee.
    From my previous emails to all of you, BDS or Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions, is an attempt to get the world to understand the plight of the Palestinians under Israeli control and the discrimination that takes place from Israel to Palestinians. It is their voice of reason. Promoting a bill that takes away their rights of voicing against apartheid is in itself, discriminatory. It doesn’t matter whether a country is recognized by the United States or not. Apartheid is just that, discriminatory. To say that BDS is antisemitic is absurd. If you go to the website
    you will see there are not anti-semitic messages.

    Equating Judaism with Zionism is like equating a house cat to the king of the beasts, (with emphasis on beasts). Many Jewish people do not want to be represented by Zionist run Israel.

    When the United Church of Christ, the Presbyterian Church, and the United Methodist Church voted to abstain from investment in Israel and pulled their billions of dollars in retirement funding from Israel because of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and overall land grab, the world stopped to take notice.
    When the EU upheld the right to boycott Israel under freedom of speech, the world stopped to take notice, the countries of Sweden, Ireland, and the Netherlands are BDS supporters. There are many other educated supporters of the boycott as well. For instance the National Union of Teachers in the UK, which is the largest in the EU, voted to boycott Israel. The Confederation of National Trade Unions in Canada boycotts also.

    As you will notice from supporters of anti-BDS legislation, the most common excuse is that it deligitimizes Israel and promotes anti-semitism, yet, when you go to the site, there’s nothing of the sort.

    To stand as an ally of the US, Israel must change it’s behavior towards Palestine.

    Did you know that by Israel not signing the global nuclear nonproliferation agreement that by our own laws it’s illegal for the United States to be giving Israel any money? Yet we send to them more dollars than any other country. In balancing the Wyoming State budget, please remember that: over ten million dollars a day in cash with only one stipulation that they use the funding for weapons to be bought from the US, but they also get at least that amount or more in military hardware, not including all the funding that goes there through non-taxible donations from protected charities in the United States. They experiment with weapons they create on the Palestinian population, for instance, the use of phosphorus bombs that will burn off a limb and then cauterize it, it even works on children.

    Don’t forget the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 killing over 30 US sailors that Israel says is a mistake but was fairly recently found out that they knew in advance.

    Israel only wants to be legitimate under Israeli standards and not by the rest of the worlds. They keep the Palestinians under a land, sea, air, and economic blockade, they create more laws for Palestinians enforced by the military and military courts than Israeli’s of whom are enforced by civilian police and civilian courts, they promote taking Palestinian land to build upon with no reimbursement and not even asking, they build a wall over twice as high as the Berlin wall that controls Palestinians passing through to sections of Palestine/Israel and Palestinians to their own agricultural land and then take potshots at them from guard towers at it’s top.

    It’s most important to remember that in considering anti-BDS legislation, you also have to consider why BDS does what it does to expose racially based Apartheid type regulations on another race of people whether they be Christian or Muslim.

    I implore you to please let this bill die in committee. Thank you.

    I also sent another message just to be sure, with a link to —-Anti BDS legislation is an attempt to silence a voice that is attempting to bring about a solution to Israel’s treatment of Palestinian’s and their children. In attempting to silence that voice, this type of legislation is in and of itself discrimination towards the only freedom of expression Palestine can produce since it has a land, sea, air, and economic blockade from Israel towards it and now, also has repression of free speech inside the country as Israel is arresting anyone who says anything in opposition to their discriminatory policy. This includes posts online as well as on facebook or through text messaging and also through something as simple as a poet writing a poem.

    By asking the United States as an “ally” to side with them in saying that anti-Israeli information is also anti-semitic, (meaning derogatory towards people of Jewish decent), this is an attempt to quell opposition to an injustice towards humanity.

    When discussing whether BDS discriminates, you must look to see for yourselves if it does or not, and in doing so, you must also understand the situation in Israel/Palestine and Israel’s Zionist government’s treatment of Palestinian’s. These all stand together in a decision to vote towards or against anti-Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions operations. Thank you.

    Here are the results of the committee votes:

    2017 General Session Vote Detail
    Vote Detail
    Bill/Amendment Number: HB0279 -Wyoming anti boycott, divestment and sanctions.
    Action: Appropriations:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4
    Vote Recorded: 2/2/2017
    Vote ID: -1015
    Ayes: Representative(s): Burkhart
    Nays: Representative(s): Larsen, Nicholas, Schwartz, Sommers, Walters, Wilson
    Excused: Representative(s):
    Absent: Representative(s):
    Conflict: Representative(s):
    Total: Ayes: 1 Nays: 6 Excused: 0 Absent: 0 Conflict: 0

    So, it’s died in committee.

    Yay! :-)

    I can send you some of the other emails I’d sent if it would help.

    Thank you and good luck!!!

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