Our Money Should Not Be Used To Give Israeli Companies Preferential Treatment

Please click here to urge your State Representatives to stop spending your money to give Israeli companies preferential treatment.

Recently, Freedom2Boycott in MD discovered that the Maryland State Government has been giving hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to the Maryland/Israel Development Corporation (MIDC). According to the MIDC's website, it is a corporation "that promotes bi-lateral trade and economic development. It is a public-private partnership of the Maryland Department of Commerce, Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Trade and The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore". For further information about the MIDC, click here.

The MIDC is a company that promotes Israeli -- and only Israeli companies -- doing business in Maryland. The money allocated to the MIDC cannot be used to lure businesses from Taiwan, South Korea, India, Canada or any other country to Maryland. And there is no analogous dedicated funding stream for companies from any other country.

Maryland's government should not be spending taxpayer money to give preferential treatment only to Israeli companies. Please click here to ask your state legislators to redirect this money so that all companies are on an equal footing - regardless of which country they are from.

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