Freedom2Boycott in Maryland Condemns Islamophobic Incident at DC Headquarters of CAIR

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Freedom2Boycott in Maryland Coalition Condemns Islamophobic Incident at DC Headquarters of CAIR

December 14, 2015 -- Freedom2Boycott in Maryland strongly condemns the disturbing incident that occurred at the nearby national headquarters of the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR) last week. An envelope containing a threatening message reportedly reading “Die a painful death,” along with an unknown white powder, was received in the office. The office was evacuated and some employees were taken to hospital for evaluation. The FBI is reportedly investigating the incident.

The Freedom2Boycott in Maryland stands with CAIR and all victims of Islamophobia and racism, particularly at this time when fear and anti-Muslim sentiment are being stoked and manipulated for political gain.

CAIR is America's largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization whose mission includes protecting civil rights and building coalitions that promote justice. As Marylanders also working to protect civil liberties and advance justice at home and in Israel/Palestine, Freedom2Boycott in Maryland denounces these odious acts which were committed against an organization that is dedicated to working for values that we all cherish.

While politicians and others attempt to divide us with hateful rhetoric, we must stand together to eliminate racism and Islamophobia and to build a world where everyone’s human rights are respected.

Freedom2Boycott in Maryland is a coalition of groups and individuals advocating for the exercise of free speech rights in the State of Maryland in support of boycott, divestment and sanctions actions that promote social justice. 

Freedom2Boycott defends the 1st Amendment right to boycott, including the boycott of Israel known as BDS. Click to help! Find an Event


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