Krish Vignarajah says she Will Revoke Governor's anti-BDS Executive Order


Tonight Ms. Krish Vignarajah, Democratic candidate for Governor of Maryland, held a campaign meeting at a private office building in Columbia, MD. During the question and answer session, one attendee, Deeba Jafri asked Ms. Vignarajah about Governor Larry Hogan's (R-MD) recent anti-BDS executive order. Deeba asked Ms. Vignarajah if she thought it was unconstitutional and if she would revoke it once elected.



Ms Vignarajah said the Governor's executive order was unconstitutional and said she would revoke it. Additionally, she correctly tied anti-BDS efforts to the Islamophobia that underlies them.


Deeba: "Recently the Republican Governor Larry Hogan issued an executive order that bans companies that boycott the illegal Israeli settlements from doing business with the state of Maryland. The ACLU insists that this executive order and similar bills in other states are blatantly unconstitutional. Do you agree Hogan's executive order is unconstitutional? And if so, will you revoke it once you are elected?"

Krish Vignarajah: "Well that's the easiest answer of the night: Absolutely. So I actually had a conference call on this... well it is a broader set of issues stemming from the supreme court decision. We're actually having a conversation about wheather we could help coordinate a rally because I do think that across the board, the kind of Islamophobia that you are seeing at the national level and the failure for Governor Hogan to not just stand up and speak out but frankly to double down on policies that to me are at its heart about free speech. This sort of anti-BDS policy..."

Deeba: "Thank you, thank you."

Watch Ms. Vignarajah's statement here.

We thank and applaud Ms. Vignarajah for taking this position.

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