Congressional Candidates' Quotes about Palestine

Video Courtesy of Harry Appelman

At a May 22nd forum sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) at Temple Har Shalom, candidates for the 6th Congressional District were asked their views on a variety of issues related to Israel-Palestine. Here are some quotes/statements from the event. 

  • Maryland State Senator Roger Manno thinks that the Israeli Settlement issue can be resolved by “popping in a Peugeot plant." (minute 6:40)
  • Andrew Duck said “We derive that right to defend the border of Israel by solving the humanitarian problem in Palestine. You cannot achieve peace if we do not have justice." (minute 2:18) 
  • Maryland State Delegate Aruna Miller thinks Arab-Christians and Palestinians are different people and Arabs in Israel are treated well. (minute 8:44)
  • Maryland State Delegate Aruna Miller said "I absolutely believe that both nations are working together." (minute 10:24)
  • Dr. Nadia Hashimi said "The meat of the matter is injustice....until we address this in a direct way, we are not going to have peace." (minute 12:15)
  • David Trone said that Senator Cardin’s anti-BDS bill "is absolutely necessary... It must move forward?" (minute 13:42)
  • Maryland State Delegate Aruna Miller supports BDS for South Africa but “absolutely opposes” using it for Israel? (minute 8:22) 
  • David Trone said "Israel is one of the most progressive countries if not the most progressive country in the world." (minute 15:47)
  • No one mentioned the word “Occupation.”

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