Take Action!

Here are the ways you can make sure that the individuals and organizations concerned for human rights will continue to be free to boycott without hindrance from the State of Maryland:

  1. Send emails to your state legislators asking them to oppose Maryland's anti-BDS bill (Maryland Residents Only)
  2. Testify in Annapolis in-person against the anti-BDS bill on February 28th, 2017 and March 1st, 2017.
  3. Like our Facebook Page.
  4. Follow us on Twitter.
  5. Join our internal email list to become an Freedom2Boycott activist. But beware: You may receive a lot of emails. During the legislative session you might get 10-20 emails per day. Outside of that 3-month period, however, you will barely get an email or two per month. Of course you can remove yourself from this list any time.


Freedom2Boycott defends the 1st Amendment right to boycott, including the boycott of Israel known as BDS. Click to help! Find an Event


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