We Testified in Maryland's House of Delegates against the Anti-Boycott Bill

Today, several of us F2Bers travelled from all around the state (and some from other states!) to Annapolis to testify against Delegate Ben Kramer's anti-Boycott Bill in the House of Delegates. Here's a shot of us standing in the rotunda of that building after the bill hearing. That's the seal of Maryland on the floor. It's a Ploughman and a Fisherman. Cool, huh?


F2B Testifiers. From left: Saqib Ali, Maria Baroody, Paul Verduin, Courtney Peterson, Melinda Thompson, Unknown, Susan Kerin, Unknown, Betsey Cunningham, Shelley Cohen Fudge, Sami Alqasem, Kareem El-Hosseiny, Zachary Flaugher, Chip Gibbons, Taher Hazerallah


We felt the hearing went well for our side. It took nearly 3 hours total. Watch some of the highlights (and lowlights!) below:



I explained why the anti-BDS bill is amoral, unjust and completely misguided.



Reverend Marvin Silver testifies against the anti-BDS bill based on firsthand knowledge of Israel/Palestine



Attorney Chip Gibbons explains why the anti-BDS bill is so unconstitutional



Delegate Rick Metzgar claims that "Israel has given back 94% of the land" and says he stands with Israel because he has read the Bible



Delegate Kathy Szeliga asks about FIFA's potential suspension of the Israeli football association.



Delegate Kathy Szeliga fabricates an Iranian missile launch against Israel which never happened.



Turkish-American Gunay Evanch testifies in favor of anti-BDS bill likening BDS to efforts to legislative efforts to criticize Turkey's historic genocide of Armenians.



Israeli soldier Leanna Kramer testifies in favor of anti-Boycott bill without informing committee she is an Israeli soldier.


Believe it or not, these vignettes don't cover the entire hearing. There was quite a bit more -- including Delegate Kramers strident (and very dubious) testimony in favor of his bill. You can watch the entire hearing by clicking here.

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